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How does e-Safety Check work?

In short, a pink slip inspection report verifies your car is safe and ready for the road. It is required in New South Wales for your vehicle to be inspected, as a condition of registration renewal, if it is more than three years old. Recently pink slips have been renamed as “e-Safety Checks” which are sent to the RTA electronically.

This system has several key features:

    • It is all handled electronically
    • Information is inputted into a central data base from an authorized inspection outlet
    • Outlets can be searched online
    • New cars and light trucks are exempt from requiring e-Safety Checks for the first 5 years
    • Easier than ever for customers to renew their rego

Things to keep in mind when you are obtaining your e-Safety Check:

    • Your tyres should have a legal amount of grip
    • Your vehicle should not exceed certain levels of emissions and noise
    • There should be no oil leaks
    • Front and back lights are in proper working order
    • Your vehicles brakes are in proper working order


To book your e-Safety Check (formerly Pink Slip) please give us a call on (02) 9745 5275 or simply drop by our store and our authorized staff will be able to help you.